Emerald Green Pair of Small Wineglasses


An intriguing pair of small goblets, each cut from a green glass bottle. They stand 14 cm high and hold 80ml. The glass is pleasingly thick, so are quite sturdy.

Hand wash only.

IE Glassworks is all about taking things that would be thrown away and making them into something unique, useful, and better than they were before. I'm on a mission to take something unwanted and make it into a piece of original art which came from a discarded jar or bottle.

The glass is reshaped by carefully scoring and making a controlled break, which means the edge is imperfect, but is always sanded and smoothed for a comfortable rim.

Glasses are finished in a variety of styles, from laser transfer and decoupage, to acid etching, marble dips, and glass paint. Every one is an original.

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