Miniature Wood Hexagon Box Wicca Set


A one of a kind set of miniature wicca equipment, stored in a beautiful wooden box topped with the pentagram of John Dee.

The set includes:

Box with pentagram, that can serve as a small altar.
Wand, carved from holly wood.
Athame, carved from holly wood.
Miniature scroll made of leather, inscribed with runes that read 'I conjure thee O circle of power, that thou be a meeting place of love, and joy, and peace'.
Crystal shaped pendant of howlite stone, on a silk cord.
Red marbled candle holder.
Red marbled tiny chalice, cut from a miniature bottle.

Also features a black scrying mirror, set into the lid of the box.

Box is 16cm wide.

Perfect gift for those who appreciate the really unique - or a witch who needs to be discreet.

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