Viking on Mobility Scooter

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Meet Eric The Unyielding! He has waited for Ragnarok for a very long time, and the indignities of age have not dampened his determination to fight the final battle, whenever that is.

It's true that a mobility scooter has become a necessity, but since he's pimped it out with a cool carved chair, it's all good. Still rough and tough!

Eric is perfectly aware that vikings in his day didn't wear horns on their helmets. But his day was a long time ago, they look cool, and he can wear what the heck he likes!

He comes equipped with an axe and two shields, one battle-scarred and one new, so you can display him with whichever you choose.

Made of mixed media, thermoplastic, carved wood, wool, thumbtacks (the hubcaps), and a lot of attitude!

30cm to the tips of his horns.

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