On a mission to repurpose unwanted glass into something new and beautiful.

Hi there!

The contents of this shop are all efforts to transform unwanted and discarded glass containers. Upcycled objects all had a previous use. Having made lasagne for the family, I was confronted by a collection of empty pasta jars; and with some care and time, they became a collection of unique etched juice glasses. A bottle of soda water could be an imposing goblet. Litter-picking even resulted in discarded lager bottles that were turned into champagne flutes!

I hope you find something here to inspire you - every time a manufactured glass item is repurposed, a carbon-neutral and unique item is created for your table, or a one-of-a-kind gift with impeccable green credentials.

If you cannot find what you have in mind, please contact me - together we could come up with something completely new, just for you.

Best wishes,

April Richards
glassworks.a.r [!at] gmail.com
Coventry, England

07913 222190

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